Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Answers and WINNER!!

Good job, ladies. Several of you attempted the uber-difficult scavenger hunt! Here's the package we have for the lucky winner:

Two prizes from Designer Debye Castleberry
As the owner and designer for C Berry Baby, Debye is a stay at home mom to three very energetic boys. Sewing and crafting has become a welcome "girly" escape from a life full of grass stains, lizards, snail races and video games!The pattern has instructions for three different sizes. The “Little Sis” is the toddler through pre-schooler version and will hold up to 14 crayons. The “Big Sis” crayon aprons are made to fit pre-school and school-age children and will hold up to 18 crayons. I have also included sizing for a “Mommy” craft apron which is not only great for mother and daughter sets but also makes an excellent gift for teachers!
Debye has more copies of this versatile pattern in her Etsy store. Tell her you found out about her here!

AND, this stylish ladies craft apron handmade by Debye C with fabric from Amy Butlers Midwest Modern line.
Please drop by Debye's blog and leave a comment thanking her for these great prizes!

Additionally, we're sending off this sign made by Angelic. Isn't this SWEET??? More goodies like this can be custom made from her website!

The lucky winner who sent in the greatest number of correct answers earliest:
Kristiina B !!!!!!!

Here are answers for those interested:

1. She leads a supper swapping group in her spare time Shawnee
2. She is a busy mama of many, and designs amazing apron patterns Lucy
3. She made a soccer team quilt for her son Simone
4. Is the owner of an espresso machine named Giovanni Carrie
5. favorite holiday memory was traveling to LA to visit grandparents Solidia
6. CeCe Winans is on her playlist Carlotta
7. Michigan gal received an apron from Australia Shari V
8. This designer and decorator is Ni-Ni to her grandson Heidi
9. The Alaskan Elinor Dashwood Becca
10. She sells sewing machine/serger organizers that are adorable Laura G
11. Designs amazing one-of-a-kind necklaces, plus gorgeous aprons Nadine
12. She's a fan of blabbery Karen B
13. Who had three Christmas trees, one on a tea cart? Teresa A
14. She blogs about her family of five and homeschools as well Glenda
15. She tucks a box of avocados into every swap Nicki P
16. This blogger uses a red wrought cookbook holder to display apron patterns Kelly K
17. A gal with sassitude Janet C
18. Bootsy is her sewing mascot Christy S
19. Made a trip to the ER thanks to a rotary cutter incident Diane O
20. A sailor's wife Toebi
21. Has a Christmas eve raclette tradition Tulsi
22. A one post wonder Kristi S
23. Had her wisdom teeth removed in 2008 Tammy S
24. Who writes about warping and fishing? Angel S
25. Who is inspired to sit at the sewing machine and cry? Cynthia H
26. Lets people vote on her swap themes Tracey W or Marcel
27. Designer of exquisite childrens clothing Molly O
28. She recently saw a "dear" flying down the highway! Jennifer J
29. A full-time firefighter and cosmetologist, she looks like a pinup girl! Bev E
30. Sugar plum fairy pig danced on her blog Terisa BH
31. Who is a guitar hero junkie? Beth G
32. Who has been a foster parent to a labrador? Betsy
33. This gal has a very large cross collection Brenda W
34. She has an evening dress apron in the new magazine Apronology Sherry B
35. Anxiously awaiting Apronology magazine Debbie K
36. She made a LOLA apron for her SSEN partner! Paige E
37. She's hosting an Amy Butler Bag Swap Suzee A
38. Everyone's favorite aunt Marcel
39. Her little guy had a medical scare at dinnertime (all's well) Lisa L
40. She posted pictures of aprons made, won and received Shannon T
41. She lives on a farm in the panhandle Amy H
42. Spent her anniversary in Savannah Janelle L
43. She's from up north and also teaches classes to mommies Irene R
44. She's been known to craft at 3am Desiree S
45. She just sewed her own undergarments! Heidi M
46. Her family moved into a new home on the 20th
Susannah B


  1. CONGRATS to the winner! That was a hard game but Sooooooo much fun!

  2. I'm a one post wonder. How funny. I post things to my other blog :0).

  3. Oh my goodness...I am so excited that I won! I looked at each blog 5-6 time and it paid off! Yeah...THANK YOU! What great prizes!


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