Thursday, January 29, 2009

Giveaways this Week

Thanks for hanging in there ladies. Crazy week here in the Midwest as most of you that live in this part of the country know. We have been in the middle of a crazy bad ice storm that has knocked out power for several of our swappers and left several of us rather cold. I got lucky and only got the ice and no power loss like we did last year and the year before.
On to the events of this week.
Here are some catch up mini swap winners..

The winner of the Mother Daughter Apron Pattern is....
Solidia H

The winner of the Apronisms Book and things from Amy is...

Juniorpink said...
Thank you Amy! I went over to her blog to say hi. She is such a nice woman.

Who is Juniorpink?? We don't have that name on the list (or I can't find it) and the blog link doesn't work so please email us so we know who to send this to.

Mini Winners for the Week so far...

Saturday's Winner is....
Karen B

her prize is....
Red fat quarter
A fat quarter of Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden in red.

Sunday's winner is...

Lana O.

her prize is...

Red fat quarter

A fat quarter of Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden in red.

Monday's winner is...

Nadine C

her prize is....

Pink Fat Quarter

A pink fat quarter from Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden in spring.

Tuesday's Winner is...

Molly O.

her prize is...

Smoochie Lips Cutter

A smoochy cookie cutter.

Wednesday's Winner is....

Paula B.

her prize is...

Martha Stewart Ribbons

A set of Martha Stewart craft ribbons.

Thursday's Winner is....

Carrie A.

her prize is...

Puffy Hearts

Pillow heart stickers. (really so much cuter than the picture, I promise)

Friendly Reminder time....

It is Thursday and you have 4 days left to get your aprons finished and out to your partners!!!! Yikes some of us need to get sewing like wild women. :o)

If you know you aren't going to make it you need to let us know and we need to work something out. You can buy a lovely apron on Etsy such as one of Lana's Aprons.

IF we have to Angel for you in this swap you will not be allowed to swap with either of us again. We are pretty easy to work with and can help you through most situation IF you communicate with us. Your partner is also working on something lovely for you, please remember to do that for the wonderful lady you have. Also remember to go post pictures of the packages your are sending and receiving over at the flickr site.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Off Topic - Shawnee's 3rd Blogiversary Giveaway

Hi Ladies!!! I'm holding a triple giveaway in honor of my 3rd Blogging Anniversary!!! Come and jump in for your chance to win a beautiful devotional or a Little Flirty Skirty Apron Pattern or a custom Flirty Apron made by me!! GO TO MY PERSONAL BLOG TO COMMENT.
Here's the link:

AND, this week is the quarterly Bloggy Giveaways HERE.

Now, back to your regular swapping posts!!!

Last Call for Early Mailing

Please help me check my list. I have the following people down as having sent aprons on or before Monday, the early mailing deadline:

Ami S.
Angel S.
Bev E.
Bren W.
Dawn R.
Grace B.
Jackie S.
Jennifer J.
Marlene A.
Mary B.
Sandy W.
Shanon T.
Simone dK.

These people have mailed since Tuesday:

Frieda Z
Heidi M.
Irene R.
Stephanie J.
Tracey W.

Please let me know by NOON on Thursday if your name should be on either list; please provide tracking information.

ALSO, please remember to send a THANK YOU email to your partner and copy us in your message so we can mark you as RECEIVED.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Did you mail your package by today?? If so, send us your delivery confirmation information and YOU will be entered into this drawing from Sherry.

I am a wife and mother of two teenage boys who keep our family very busy. I love to create...From decorating my home to creating items that will become little treasures. My creations vary from, handmade journals and paper art to custom pincushions using vintage items. I also love to create wonderful famine aprons that you can enjoy wearing in your kitchen or as an accessory to your outfit. If you see something you like, but would like to make it custom just ask, I love to create one of a kind “Creations From My Heart”.

All SSEN Swappers may have a 10% discount on any Etsy purchase from Creations From My Heart during this swap. Email / Convo Sherry with your order for your discount and mention our special code!!

What girl doesn’t want a designer pair of dish gloves to do her household chores in. These gloves are custom made and each glove is embellished with a Yo-Yo and antique button to give them a one of a kind look that will have you feeling like a million bucks, even when your cleaning your house or washing a silk full of dishes!

Sherry is giving us gloves AND teacup pincushion with gift bag! THANK YOU!!

Please, show Sherry some love. Go to her Etsy store, then come back here and comment about what you like best there. IF you mailed early, you can get an extra entry by blogging about Sherry's store and leaving a second comment here with the link.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Giveaway - Apronisms Mini-Book

One lucky swapper will win a brand new copy of "Apronisms Book", by EllynAnne Geisel, donated by my friend and fellow Oregonian, Amy
Look how cute it is packaged!!!
Amy just found this sweet book while shopping and bought an extra just for you swappers. Wasn't that generous?? All SSEN swappers have one chance to win. For an extra entry, pop over to Amy's new blog and leave her a nice comment. Then, come back to this post and let us you know you did! Get a third entry if you leave comments here about how your sewing for this swap is going. We'll draw a winner when we post the Monday Giveaway.

Here are the results of the Mary Kay Giveaway held of Friday.....
lip set
The winner of the Satin Lips pack is...

Kristi S.

Thank you for posting comments. It is great to hear in from those of you that are posting.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Giveaway - Mother/Daughter Apron Pattern

One lucky swapper will receive this Mother/Daughter Apron Pattern from Laura!

My name is Laura G. Originally from Colorado, Now I live in Georgia! Wife of 16years & Mom of 2! I homeschool My Children, Love it! Although there are somedays "Calgon" just doesn't do the trick:) I have 3 Etsy shops, since I do Not work Outside the home!
BEELICIOUS is Fabric & Patterns:D I am So Addicted to Fabric & Patterns, it's a wonder I actually let them go.

sweetlittlelady is Vintage items:D My other Addiction is "Junkin" as I call it.
sewtosew is Items that I have made:D I don't have a lot of time for this poor little shop! I'm too busy Sewing Aprons! Ha!

OK swappers, everyone who is a member is automatically entered. However, you can earn up to four entries:

#1 You already get your name in because you are a Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice (SSEN) apron swapper.

#2 You can get your name in an additional time by posting a comment on this post.

#3 You get a third entry for going to her shop , drooling over all her goodies, and coming back here and telling us which of her items is your favorite.

#4 You can get your name entered a 4th time by posting a blurb about her shop on your blog and posting a comment here telling us that you did.

I own this apron pattern and just love it. Thanks for a fun Giveaway, Laura!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Giveaway!!

Hurray for Friday!! I love Friday.

Our Daily mini giveaway winner today is....
Grace B

her prize is....
The Lollipop Pin from hd artistics

Mary Kay Giveaway

lip set
One of our sponsors and swappers, Rebecca L is offering up a fabulous Satin Lips set for one of our lucky swappers. Satin lips and Satin hands are a must for me in the winter. I lover how wonderful my lips and hands feel using them.

So If you want to join in on this giveaway you need to:

Post a comment here

Go to her Mary Kay site and tell us what your favorite Mary Kay product is in a post here

Giver her some blogging love and post here with the link.

Rebecca is offering a 10% discount AND free shipping to all the Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice swappers. you can get the details of this deal and the fabulous deals offered by our other sponsors at the Invitation Only Blog we set up your Just you SSEN swappers. PLEASE go take advantage of these great savings.

Thanks for playing

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Winners

You know if I keep posting these at this rate I won't have time to get my apron done on time. Kidding, my apron is on it's way to getting cut out. hee hee

Ok the winner of the Clothespin Apron is.....

Clothspin apron

Tulsi E.

Today's mini giveaway winner is.....

Kathie P

And her prize is........

going to be posted when I get back home from work so there. hee hee
I am just checking to see how many of you actually read these everyday.

Discount on Mama Byrd's New Sweetheart Apron Pattern

Hi Swappers,

Shawnee here. You are all so lucky! Lucy just launched a new apron pattern and is offering it to Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice Swappers only at a discount. So, go to our Vendors and Sponsors blog HERE for the details on how to order at her special price.

Isn't this a cutie??
For the rest of the world, you can also purchase this pattern at Lucy's Sexy Apron Day Etsy shop. Enjoy!!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Craft Apron Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive an Apron from Vicky's My Mom Would Be Proud Etsy Shop.

Maybe you'll choose this cutie!!

Clothspin apron

Here is a bio that Vicky sent us.

My name is Vicky. Growing up in the fifties, I watched my mom take in sewing and ironing to help feed us 6 kids. She didn't have time to teach us to sew and I had already decided that sewing was something I never wanted to do. She passed away in 1981. In 1985 I had this incredible urge to learn how to quilt and make doll clothes. Quilting and sewing has become my passion. My mom passed away never knowing that I had inherited her talent. My sister has said that mom would be very proud of me, thus that is the name I chose. Please let me share my talent with you. I have collected lots of different fabrics over the years, so most of my aprons will be one of a kind. So get them while you can. On a personal note: I have worked and am still working full time for the same company for the last 38 years. I have also been selling mostly sewing supplies/books on Ebay under the name of quilter70 since 2001. I have sold over 600 items with a 100% positive feedback. My husband is retired and we are Proud Army Parents of one son currently stationed in Alaska.

Vicky didn't mention it, but she is also a Cottage Industry Partner with Sew Liberated and as such is one of the few people who have the right to make Emmeline aprons to sell, along with Lolas and all the other SL patterns. I'd encourage you to try her services!!

To get a chance at this aprony opportunity you have to..... (you know the routine)

#1 You already get your name in because you are a Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice (SSEN) apron swapper.
#2 You can get your name in an additional time by posting a comment on this post.
#3 You get a third entry for going to her shop , drooling over looking at her aprons , and coming back here and telling us which of her aprons is your favorites.
#4 You can get your name entered a 4th time by posting a blurb about her shop and her aprons on your blog and posting a comment here telling us that you did.

Wednesday's Giveaways

Another day down and 12 more to go!

The winner of Bevie's Blooms is

Rebecca L

Yipee! Rebecca, what a lucky girl.

The winner of our mini draw for the day is....
Janelle L

Her prize is ....
Red fat quarter
A fat quarter of Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden in red.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One of our vendors, Bev, of Bevie's Blooms has shared one of her bulb sets to us for the swap.

Bevie's Blooms

Here is a little blurb about Bev and her shop.

Hi there! My name is Beverly, and I started Bevie's Blooms on a whim, hoping to support my long time gardening habit! I also wanted to provide others with quality, low cost beautiful blooms helping make your gardens beautiful! I am a full time Firefighter/Paramedic in Northern California.......I have been in this business for many years, and hope to have many more to come! I love my job.

Remember that Bev and several of our other Vendors have offered our swappers some exclusive coupons and discounts. Remember to go check out the vendor blog listed on the right side of the screen.

#1 You already get your name in because you are a Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice (SSEN) apron swapper.
#2 You can get your name in an additional time by posting a comment on this post.
#3 You get a third entry for going to her Ebay Shop, drooling over looking at her flower bulbs, and coming back here and telling us which of her flowers or flower packages is your favorites.
#4 You can get your name entered a 4th time by posting a blurb about her shop and this flower bulb set on your blog and posting a comment here telling us that you did.

If for some reason you are unable to post comments on here please contact us.

You have 24 hours to post your comments to be entered into this giveaway! That would be 11:00 p.m. Centeral Time on January 21st. Get bussy with your aprons and your posted comments.

Tuesday's Giveaway

Hello Ladies
Welcome to another day of apron swapping love.
We already have 3 aprons on their way to their swap partners. I am most impressed!

The rest of us have 13 days left to get our aprons made and out there. Yikes!

On to our prize today.

Our lucky swapper is

Marlene Alterio

Her mini prize is.....

Wilton Heart Cookie Cutter Set
The Wilton 4 piece Nesting Heart Cookie Cutter Set.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Prizes

Here are some prizes to catch up with.
Apron Book
The winner of the book for being so kind and replying within 24 hours is....

Brenda W

Today's mini giveaway winner

Shari G.

She wins a fat quarter of Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden in spring in Pink.
Pink Fat Quarter

Note from Lana at Sassy Apron

I want to thank everybody for visiting my Sassy Apron store on Etsy and participating in the Lucy and Shawnee's Sassy and Flirty Apron Giveaway. I like Shawnee's blog because she always takes the time to come up with cool themed apron swaps all the time. I appreciate all the compliments and all the nice words said about my aprons here and for mentioning me in your blogs. I visited them and read all the comments.

I have so much fun making Sassy Aprons and it makes me happy when people enjoy them. I give away 1-2 aprons a month on different blogs and I always advertise it in my store. Don't forget to visit Sassy Apron on Etsy for the next apron giveaway. If you are wondering why the outside weather in my apron pictures is so nice, it's because I live in Arizona. It's always sunny in Arizona!

Thank you again and have fun baking lots of goodies in the kitchen!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winner of Sassy Apron

Thank you all for posting and checking out Lana's site. Aren't her aprons fabulous?!?

Sassy Apron

Ok here is the lucky winner of the Valentine Apron....

Shannon Thorne

Your Sassy Valentine Apron will soon be on it's way to you.

Now for our daily draw for the day.

(for these little draws, we put your entry numbers into computer and it spits out a number and that is our lucky winner of the day)

Today's winner is....

Kristi Snow

Her prize just happens to be ....

The Rose pin provided by Harley of hd artistics


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sassy Apron Giveaway!

Our first just for fun giveaway is the beautiful Sassy Valentine Apron made for us especially by Lana at the Sassy Aprons at Etsy.

Sassy Apron

It is just perfect with its redness, polka dots, and that sweetheart cut for the bib.

Don't ya just love this apron? Lana is such a sweet and talented lady, and she contacted me at the very beginning about creating an apron especially just for this group. I love how she designs and sews each of her aprons with loving care, and her creative eye for fabric combinations and design is amazing. Please support her in any way you can! -Shawnee

Ok, how do you win this fabulous apron???
You can get your name in this drawing several ways.

#1 You already get your name in because you are a Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice (SSEN) apron swapper.
#2 You can get your name in an additional time by posting a comment on this post.
#3 You get a third entry for going to her Etsy Shop, drooling over looking at her aprons, and coming back here and telling us which of her aprons is your favorites.
#4 You can get your name entered a 4th time by posting a blurb about her shop and this apron on your blog and posting a comment here telling us that you did.

So there you have it. You have up to 4 chances to win this fabulous apron.
Best of luck to you all. I can't wait to see who is the lucky girl that wins.

You can read more about Lana and our other sponsors and the lovely discounts and coupons they have for your swappers only at the Special Invitation Only Sponsors blog.


Because of the nature of this Apron Swap/Club (yes this is more like a club). We have the opportunity to do things just a little differently.
We have some big prizes that we are going to give away to lucky swappers. You will have to do special things to be entered into these drawings. (you know stand on your head, pat your head and rub your tummy) NO I mean things here on the blog.
We will also be giving away a few little prizes daily along the way. They are fun little things like fat quarters, cookie supplies, lacy trims for aprons and such.
So stay tuned and watch for the blogging fun that will happen here for the next 18 days!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Giveaways

All the Swapping is done now. All your partners have been sent to you as of last night with a note saying you have 48 hours to respond. Most of you already have; there are just a few we haven't heard from yet. Please do so we know you are planning to stay in the swap. :o) If you don't find it, be sure to check your SPAM folder since the assignment has a link in it.

To say thank you to all the lovely ladies that replied in the first 24 hours (which ends at 3:00 a.m. -crazy Lucy was up that late! S.) , we have a prize we will be drawing for one lucky swapper.
The prize is......
Apron Book
This is a most fabulous apron book. The stories are charming. The pictures are lovely. And it even has patterns in it. Definitely one of my favorite books on aprons.
So hurry up, you have a couple of hours left to get in on this.
Speaking of prizes. I need to send out the prizes for the first sign-ups.
My three winners are......
Prize 2
Prize 3
Cheryl C
Prize 1
These swappers also get a yummy bar of hand made lye soap to go with it.

AND, the other winners are:

Ami S gets this sweet I Love You Banner from bekajennings Etsy shop:

Melissa B, the Love Banner from ArtfulMStudio's Etsy Shop

90% of you blog authors posted badges! Our lucky winner of this precious Valentine mailbox/gift box from StampQueen Etsy Shop is Frieda Z:


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sign Ups Closed

Woo Hoo!!! Well ladies, sign ups are closed, early winners are drawn and will be announced soon, and Lucy and I are hard at work with partner assignments. You won't hear from us for a few days, but we'll post here once emails are sent so you can check your email box so you can reply with the required 48 hours.

Happy Weekend!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sneak Peek of Giveaways

Here's a little sampling of upcoming prizes in our little swap. Register TODAY!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

How to add a button to blogger blogs

Here's how I do it:

Choose the swap picture (badge) you like best, hover your mouse over it and right-click. Select Save Image As and call it SSEN.jpg, and save it in My Pictures on your pc computer (a sub-folder of My Documents). Then, go to your blog, Sign In and select Customize / Layout. You want to Add a Badge to the sidebar, Picture. You will browse for SSEN from your computer. Be sure to type in the Link section -- Save again and you're done!
Perhaps someone else can help if you've got Wordpress or another blog type.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Registrations Giveaway

Hi ladies,

Giveaways are so much fun, we thought we'd offer a couple more before our little swap begins. Lucy found these little goodies at Etsy and they will go to a couple of lucky gals who register for swap by January 8. Just a small thank you for not waiting until the last day! LOL!!

A sweet I Love You Banner from bekajennings Etsy shop:

And a Love Banner from ArtfulMStudio's Etsy Shop

Oh, a heads-up that some time in the next week, I will be visiting everyone's blog. (No blog yet? Now's a great time to start one!) If you have posted one of our swap badges linking back to this swap, you will be eligible to win this precious Valentine mailbox/gift box from StampQueen Etsy Shop:

Be sure that you subscribe to this blog or check in daily, for new surprises!!
Happy New Year!!