Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shipped Aprons Giveaway

Ok Aprons are due this weekend. I know that several of you have been super busy sewing your kids into costumes so we are letting you chime in by Monday.
So if it isn't shipped already, please sit down now and sew up some lovely pink wonderfulness! You also need to get your box stuffed $15 worth of pink fabulousness!

You then need to chime in and email us and let us know that you DID send it and give a delivery confirmation number so it can be tracked. Believe me that really is important. Then you KNOW where your package is because they can track it down and who had it last.

So if you do all these things we do have a lovely prize for you. Everyone that chimes in with the email to us by Monday night will be entered in the drawing for a lovely apron made by one of our talented swappers, Sveltlana. Go check out her Etsy shop. She makes aprons to DIE FOR.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winners and Another Giveaway

Swappers, swappers, swappers, the swap ends of Friday. Your aprons will be due then. I hope you are all happily sewing away.

In celebration of our last few days we have a give away for you.

Our giveaway today is.....

hand towel

.... this lovely towel set.

Here they are: Fingertip/Guest towels, machine embroidered with patterns inspired by Vogart patterns from the 1940s (which in turn were inspired by those iconic ‘Vargas Girls’). They’re 100% linen, embellished with metallic and iridescent threads, rhinestones, and ribbons. Pink, the signature color of breast cancer awareness, is the main color scheme. They’re made with love, and come with the gentle reminder that women are not the only ones who can get a diagnosis of breast cancer; men can get it too. We’re all in this together!

They were donated by:

Our dear friend Debra Sherline (corrected name spelling - oops!) from "Sew What"
Thank you Debra!!

To win these lovely towels you need to:

Comment here to be included in the giveaway.

Winners for the Sign up Contest are:

Prize 1

Number 1 to Addyson's Mommy

Prize 2

Number 2 to Sally Johnson

Prize 3

Number 3 to Kristi Snow

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Our FIRST Passionately Pink Contest is to encourage swap participation. LEAVE A COMMENT here every time you blog about this swap, tweet about this swap, and/or email your friends about this swap. You also get an entry if you post a swap badge on your blog, just leave a comment so we know. You need not join the swap to enter this contest.

I've been collecting pink goodies and here they are for the top three promoters:

First prize:
Passionately Pink gift basket including tote, metal water bottle, journal, pink post its, pink bedazzled cosmetic/pencil case and pink file organizer.
Prize 1
Second prize:
Passionately Pink pampering gifts including body cream, soap and bath beads in a cute adirondack chair holder
Prize 2
Third prize:
Passionately Pink gift tin filled with four spools of Guetermann thread!

Prize 3

Sign ups and this contest end Saturday the 10th at Midnight.

THANK YOU for help in spreading the news. Breast Cancer Awareness is such a worthy cause!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NEW Passionately Pink Apron Swap - Sign Up NOW

We here at the Sassy/Flirty Apron Swap (Lucy and Shawnee) are very proud to announce the start up of our newest apron swap. This swap is run like a club, with a very special twist this time around.

pink aprons 004

Passionately Pink Apron Swap
I think it’s safe to say that almost EVERYONE knows somebody who’s had breast cancer – sometimes it’s a co-worker or a best friend, sometimes it’s a close loved one, and sometimes it’s personal. That said, WE as women can help in this fight against breast cancer and raise funds for breast cancer research while encouraging and uplifting each other. And, there’s no better time than October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So, I told you our latest club swap has a twist. Here it is: you will make TWO Passionately Pink aprons in this swap – one for your assigned partner and will include at least $15 worth of pink goodies to make a fun package; the second apron is for you to somehow leverage for The Cause. For example, my (Shawnee’s) second apron is being given to my friend who’s a breast cancer survivor. Kristi is collecting donations for her Race for the Cure and will put all her donors names into a drawing with one lucky winner receives my Zebra and Hot Pink apron. The possibilities are endless.
You could:
• donate your apron to a local clinic to be given to a woman who needs a smile;
• wrap it around a casserole and deliver your apron to someone you know is going through
• auction it off on your website to raise funds to donate toward research;
• make it in memory of someone and give it to her family as a cherished keepsake;
• ????

I have formed a team at the Susan G Komen’s Passionately Pink site for us to track our progress; once you’ve signed up for this swap, also join my team so we can track funds raised in this swap. And, at the end, we want to hear your stories of Apron Number Two and see pictures!!

***How to sign up***
Sassy/Flirty Apron Swap - Passionately Pink Apron Swap
Last day to sign-up - October 10, 2009
Last Day to Ship Packages - October 30, 2009

Once again we have an on-line registration form and participation fee. Half of the fees will be donated to Breast Cancer research, half will be held for prizes and angel packages. To sign up, go to the side bar and choose to join Team Shawnee or Team Lucy (teams make no difference in swap partners, just divides up the work for us). Clicking on the Team Button will take you to the pay pal page where you will pay your swap fee of $10. After paying the fee, you will then be taken to the swap registration form. Fill that out and you will start getting emails about the swap and what to do from there. If you have something you'd like to donate as a prize (preferably pink or breast cancer logo'd), then your registration fee is only $8.

This cause is so close to our hearts. PLEASE, grab an image and post about this swap on your blogs, tweet your little hearts out, call your buddies .... let’s set a record with the number of participants this time around!! If you have any questions, please let either Lucy or Shawnee know right away!