Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winners and Another Giveaway

Swappers, swappers, swappers, the swap ends of Friday. Your aprons will be due then. I hope you are all happily sewing away.

In celebration of our last few days we have a give away for you.

Our giveaway today is.....

hand towel

.... this lovely towel set.

Here they are: Fingertip/Guest towels, machine embroidered with patterns inspired by Vogart patterns from the 1940s (which in turn were inspired by those iconic ‘Vargas Girls’). They’re 100% linen, embellished with metallic and iridescent threads, rhinestones, and ribbons. Pink, the signature color of breast cancer awareness, is the main color scheme. They’re made with love, and come with the gentle reminder that women are not the only ones who can get a diagnosis of breast cancer; men can get it too. We’re all in this together!

They were donated by:

Our dear friend Debra Sherline (corrected name spelling - oops!) from "Sew What"
Thank you Debra!!

To win these lovely towels you need to:

Comment here to be included in the giveaway.

Winners for the Sign up Contest are:

Prize 1

Number 1 to Addyson's Mommy

Prize 2

Number 2 to Sally Johnson

Prize 3

Number 3 to Kristi Snow

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