Friday, May 29, 2009

Finish Line Giveaway!!!

Yeah!!! We are at the finish line. The aprons are due to be shipped by Saturday night. That gives you less than 24 hours to get your packages finished and shipped out! What fun!

We have a wonderful giveaway for you. Actually we have a few to give.

First off we have a grand prize of 7 half yard cuts of fabric from
The fabric is flights of fancy by Paula Prass for Michael Miller.
If you haven't already checked out her shop you should. She has wonderful fabric selections and some pretty wonderful patterns. I have made 3 of them myself and love them.
Then we have 3 other prizes to give out to 3 more of our swappers.
First we have a wonderful Tomato gift package from Shawnee but unfortunately there is no picture as her sad camera cord is missing and the poor picture is stuck on her camera.
Second we have an original Daisy Mae apron from Mama Byrd herself that is perfect for gardening, crafting, quilting, etc... the possibilities are endless.

Garden 2009 004
Flower detail
Garden 2009 006
Third we have a wonderful little bee ornament that Shawnee picked up for us. Unfortunately again the picture is held hostage on her poor camera.
Now get busy and post those packages. Remember that SOME of you are lucky enough to have a post office with a machine that lets you post a package anytime. SOME of us are more rural than that and didn't even know that such machines existed let alone what their name is.
Remember to post your pictures in the flicker account too. We want to see what you are doing.

Prize Blitz Friday

We have several prizes to announce and give away tonight so stay tuned as I get them all posted in the next little while. :o)

First off we would like to announce the winner for responding to us within 48 hours. (yea remember when we asked you to do that a couple of weeks ago) Well we are really glad that all of you did.
The winner is.....
She is the winner of some wonderful heirloom seeds from
Heirloom seeds have not been genetically altered and are true to the "good old" varieties full of rich flavors and colors.
Second we have the prize for the winner of the Scavenger hunt. Thank you all for participating. We were amazed at how quickly the answers started coming in.
The winner of the Scavenger hunt is .....
The prize she won is....
a garden dibble from
What is a dibble?? It is used in the garden to make holes in the ground for putting plants in. It is a very old style gardening tool, very simple but very effective. This dibble is hand crafted and very beautiful. You are one lucky duck Carrie.
Thirdly we have the winners of the Busy Bee Quilt Designs giveaway.
Thank you for all the comments.
The winner of the
Lilly apron pattern is
The winner of the French Flea Market Apron is
Our Fourth Giveaway is for the pattern and fabric for a garden tote from
the winner is
That brings us to the final give aways.
Sorry I won't tell you what it is right now. :o) I want to post these for you. The next blog post will show the final prize.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prize Blitz -- Two-fer Thursday

Hi Busy Bees!!! Michelle from Busy Bee Quilt Designs is providing our next two prizes -- first, the infamous Lilly Apron Pattern.

Isn't this so cute? I've seen this made up in a variety of fabrics and it's always a winner. I made one myself in my last swap and it was very well received.

OR, maybe you prefer half-aprons? If so, you're gonna love this French Flea Market Apron.

I own this pattern, too, and I really like how it's assembled and major full coverage going on.

Both of these patterns are so flexible and will come out entirely different depending on the fabrics chosen. If YOU want to win one of these, please leave us a message about WHICH pattern you really want and WHY you like it best. For FIVE extra entries, send Michelle a "Thank You for the Prizes" email at "busybeedesigns at" (fix the formatting), then leave a second message here telling us you did.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prize Blitz --- Tuesday

We have a ton of prizes to give away to you lucky club swappers. So, keep watch here daily for prizes and how to earn extra entries!!

One lucky swapper will receive a Gardening Bucket Cover Pattern AND fabric from Laura!
My name is Laura G. Originally from Colorado, Now I live in Georgia! Wife of 16years & Mom of 2! I homeschool My Children, Love it! Although there are somedays "Calgon" just doesn't do the trick:) I have 3 Etsy shops, since I do Not work Outside the home!
BEELICIOUS is Fabric & Patterns:D I am So Addicted to Fabric & Patterns, it's a wonder I actually let them go.

sweetlittlelady is Vintage items:D My other Addiction is "Junkin" as I call it.
sewtosew is Items that I have made:D I don't have a lot of time for this poor little shop! I'm too busy Sewing Aprons! Ha!

EXTRA ENTRIES - Everyone who visits Laura's Etsy site(s) and leaves a comment here about what you LOVE from her shop by midnight Wednesday, May 28, gets an extra entry. Purchase anything from Laura (just leave me a separate comment) gets FIVE extra entries!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

SLEUTH TIME!! We hope you are all enjoying this little swapping club and sewing your heart out! To add a little excitement, we are once again having a Scavenger Hunt! Below is the list of questions you have to answer. They are about several of your fellow swappers, and can be easily found on the front pages of blogs. However, the questions will be about anyone participating in this swap, so you'll have to check out all the blogs as you search for answers!

Once you've found the answers, send your responses to --- FIRST participants with all the correct answer wins, based on the time/date stamp of your email. You may also post comments on this post, but only answers emailed in will be considered. Prize package info to be posted by Lucy!!

  1. She's hosting a beach themed apron swap on SwapBot
  2. She joined a paperback book swap not long ago
  3. She recently sent an apron to sunny Florida
  4. This mommy of three boys crafts the most feminine aprons
  5. She made TWO vintage aprons recently - one for her partner and one for Shawnee
  6. She's new to swapping but has one under her belt already!
  7. She received a pink apron in her last swap AND has already received this one
  8. This swapper is getting ready to move, AND loves to repurpose old clothes
  9. This multi-talented swappers also knits and gardens, and is in a Harry Potter event
  10. This swapper thinks Eight is Great
  11. In addition to sewing, she also creates custom stationery
  12. She may need treatment for her addiction to sewing yoyos.
  13. She designs blogs in addition to crafting aprons
  14. She recently shared a candle tutorial with blogland
  15. Her life is served with a glass of milk on the side
  16. This crafter knits in public and has pictures to show it!
  17. She recently visited Switzerland and Germany
  18. This creative swappers hosts vintage swaps
  19. She's trying to decide on a name for her new car
  20. Her bucket list has 101 things on it!
  21. She crafted a mother-daughter apron set for a co-worker
  22. This crazy mommy of one little boy and two big messy doggies made a skirt recently in addition to all her fun aprons
  23. This country gal has kitties, birdies, sheep and more
  24. She regularly hosts swaps and giveaway all while going to school AND working
  25. Her doggie Bert loves popcorn
  26. A car ran into this swapper's home recently
  27. This gal has been drinking Sassy Water
  28. She is queen of apron tutorials!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Check Your Email Boxes -- Partners Sent

Wondering who your partner is?? Well, check your mailbox!

Lucy has been hard at work sending out partner match emails. Rush over and check your boxes - be sure to reply within 48 hours to be eligible for our FIRST marvelous prize!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last Chance to Enter!!

WHEE!!! Don't miss out, ladies! This promises to be an extremely FUN swap and there's only a few more hours to register. Tell your friends, tweet your tweeters, blog about it, phone home .... share the joy!!