Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

SLEUTH TIME!! We hope you are all enjoying this little swapping club and sewing your heart out! To add a little excitement, we are once again having a Scavenger Hunt! Below is the list of questions you have to answer. They are about several of your fellow swappers, and can be easily found on the front pages of blogs. However, the questions will be about anyone participating in this swap, so you'll have to check out all the blogs as you search for answers!

Once you've found the answers, send your responses to --- FIRST participants with all the correct answer wins, based on the time/date stamp of your email. You may also post comments on this post, but only answers emailed in will be considered. Prize package info to be posted by Lucy!!

  1. She's hosting a beach themed apron swap on SwapBot
  2. She joined a paperback book swap not long ago
  3. She recently sent an apron to sunny Florida
  4. This mommy of three boys crafts the most feminine aprons
  5. She made TWO vintage aprons recently - one for her partner and one for Shawnee
  6. She's new to swapping but has one under her belt already!
  7. She received a pink apron in her last swap AND has already received this one
  8. This swapper is getting ready to move, AND loves to repurpose old clothes
  9. This multi-talented swappers also knits and gardens, and is in a Harry Potter event
  10. This swapper thinks Eight is Great
  11. In addition to sewing, she also creates custom stationery
  12. She may need treatment for her addiction to sewing yoyos.
  13. She designs blogs in addition to crafting aprons
  14. She recently shared a candle tutorial with blogland
  15. Her life is served with a glass of milk on the side
  16. This crafter knits in public and has pictures to show it!
  17. She recently visited Switzerland and Germany
  18. This creative swappers hosts vintage swaps
  19. She's trying to decide on a name for her new car
  20. Her bucket list has 101 things on it!
  21. She crafted a mother-daughter apron set for a co-worker
  22. This crazy mommy of one little boy and two big messy doggies made a skirt recently in addition to all her fun aprons
  23. This country gal has kitties, birdies, sheep and more
  24. She regularly hosts swaps and giveaway all while going to school AND working
  25. Her doggie Bert loves popcorn
  26. A car ran into this swapper's home recently
  27. This gal has been drinking Sassy Water
  28. She is queen of apron tutorials!


  1. oh goodness. My husband and I are leaving in a few hours for a road trip to Oregon or I would love to do this.

    Good luck to everyone!!! what fun :)

    happy swapping - Amy W.

  2. (厚工)


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