Monday, February 2, 2009


Hi Swappers,

TODAY is the mailing deadline. PLEASE SEND US an update either way ... if you haven't mailed yet, let us know why/when it will go out.

We hope you are all enjoying this new swapping club. To add a little excitement, though, we are goi
ng to have a Scavenger Hunt! Below is the list of questions you have to answer. They are about several of your fellow swappers, and can be easily found on the front pages of blogs. However, the questions will be about anyone participating in this swap, so you'll have to check out all the blogs as you search for answers!

you've found the answers, send your responses to --- FIRST participant with all the correct answer wins, based on the time/date stamp of your email. You may also post comments on this post, but only answers emailed in will be considered.

1. She leads a supper swapping group in her spare time
2. She is a busy mama of many, and designs amazing apron patterns
3. She made a soccer team quilt for her son
4. Is the owner of an espresso machine named Giovanni
5. favorite holiday memory was traveling to LA to visit grandparents
6. CeCe Winans is on her playlist
7. Michigan gal received an apron from Australia
8. This designer and decorator is Ni-Ni to her grandson
9. The Alaskan Elinor Dashwood
10. She sells sewing machine/serger organizers that are adorable
11. Designs amazing one-of-a-kind necklaces, plus gorgeous aprons
12. She's a fan of blabbery
13. Who had three Christmas trees, one on a tea cart?
14. She blogs about her family of five and homeschools as well
15. She tucks a box of avocados into every swap
16. This blogger uses a red wrought cookbook holder to display apron patterns
17. A gal with sassitude
18. Bootsy is her sewing mascot
19. Made a trip to the ER thanks to a rotary cutter incident
20. A sailor's wife
21. Has a Christmas eve raclette tradition
22. A one post wonder
23. Had her wisdom teeth removed in 2008
24. Who writes about warping and fishing?
25. Who is inspired to sit at the sewing machine and cry?
26. Lets people vote on her swap themes
27. Designer of exquisite childrens clothing
28. She recently saw a "dear" flying down the highway!
29. A full-time firefighter and cosmetologist, she looks like a pinup girl!
30. Sugar plum fairy pig danced on her blog
31. Who is a guitar hero junkie?
32. Who has been a foster parent to a labrador?
33. This gal has a very large cross collection
34. She has an evening dress apron in the new magazine Apronology
35. Anxiously awaiting Apronology magazine
36. She made a LOLA apron for her SSEN partner!
37. She's hosting an Amy Butler Bag Swap
38. Everyone's favorite aunt
39. Her little guy had a medical scare at dinnertime (all's well)
40. She posted pictures of aprons made, won and received
41. She lives on a farm in the panhandle
42. Spent her anniversary in Savannah
43. She's from up north and also teaches classes to mommies
44. She's been known to craft at 3am
45. She just sewed her own undergarments!
46. Her family moved into a new home on the 20th


  1. Wow-we have some interesting and busy bloggers! I wish I had time to complete the scavenger hunt. Good Luck!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ooops...thanks for bringing that spelling mistake to my attention. How embarrassing!

  4. Just teasing you a little ... don't be embarrassed! I have to admit that at first I thought you meant a BEAR and I had this picture in my head ...!


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